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General Manager


 +964 750 128 7878

Eng. Kawa ABAN was born in Duhok city, a nice city of Kurdistan, Iraq. As the son of a forester in 1985. He became from a big Famous family in Duhok his grandfather ABAN Agha was a self-mad man and leader of Dusky in Iraq Branch.


At the moment of his birth, Kawa ABAN had already started the great adventure of his life, feeling the persistence and fortitude of his people, Kurd who were living with trials and tribulations in various dimensions.


He was one of the very clever students of the Kawa High School opened in the Duhok Side of Iraq, and graduated from this school in 2007. Following his graduation from the Department of surveying at Duhok Polytechnic University, and graduation from the Department of Surveying & Geomatics Engineering at Salahadin University, Erbil. He carried out his postgraduate on Surveying & Geomatics Engineering at Aksaray University, Turkey.


At one of the stages of the long way he committed, “His impressive achievements resulting with creation of institutions and foundations at the international standards in education organizations around Iraq.


Establishing his entire life philosophy and vision upon this idea, Eng. Kawa ABAN with Eng. Abdulrahman Akrawi, starting from the times he established a private school where students were prepared to university entrance exams and, has been called as “Private Bright Star School”, state that they still identify him with this name.


It is 2011 today: ‘Bright star School University’, bearing a private foundation status in legal terms, however, being in commitment of public totally, and managing by Eng. Abdulrahman Akrawi.


The year is 2012 and the establishment of the Jody Company was recorded as Tourism & Travel in air lines of Iraq. Eng. Kawa ABAN was the General Manager and the Founding Manager of Company.


In March 2013, Establishment of World Students Company Located in Duhok City, Iraq. Recorded as educational organization for educational services sent in 2013 - 2016 more than 3000+ (Bachelor, Master and PhD) students to study abroad of Iraq.

On 23 November 2013, World Tourism & Tors Company Founded in Duhok City, Iraq. For Tourism Services “Tickets, DHL Express, Transportation, Travel Health Insurant and Visa Office”.


In December 2015, World Students Company been agent of more than 100+ University around the world in Iraq “Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Germany, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Belarusian, Georgia, Egypt, Moldova, UK, USA”.


In April 2016, Eng. Kawa ABAN established World Language Institutes consist of English language Institute and Turkish Language Institute. In English language Institute Preparing English Courses for IELTS, TOEFL Examinations, and Beginner & TELC for Business. In Turkish Language Institute Preparation Students for TOMER Exam.


Eng. Kawa ABAN was awarded more than 50+ international Certificate from more than 50+ universities around the world in the educational Sector during 2011 – 2017.


On 10 October 2016, World International Business Company was established, for Engineering Services, Construction, GPS, GIS, Remote Sensing, Geodesy and Cadastral Services.


In November 2016, Eng. Kawa ABAN represent as Founder and General Manager at World Group of Companies for Educational Services. “World Students Company, World Language Institutes, World Tourism Company & World International Business Company”.


World Group

Iraq - Duhok - KRO Street
+964 750 128 7878
+964 770 910 6222