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 +964 750 128 7878

What is World Group?

-      It’s consist of by 3 Companies and 2 Language Institutes.

What are World Group Companies?

-      World Students Company, World Tourism & Travel Company and World International Business Company.

What are World Group Institutes?

-      World English Institute & World TÖMER Institute.

What is World Students Company?

-       World Students Company for Educational Services.

What is World Tourism Company?

-      World Tourism for Transportation, Tourism, Tours, Visa, Insurance health & Ticket.

What is the World International Business Company?

-      It’s a legally company for international business & Trade.

How much time taken to achieve a university acceptance letter via World Students Company?

-      10 days.

How can be the payment method by World Students Company?

-      You will send acceptance letter fees in advance with your documents to apply for you.

What Services Does World Students Company offer to Students?

-       Verifying that an institution or program meets established standards; Assisting prospective students in identifying acceptable institutions; Assisting institutions in determining the acceptability of transfer credits; Helping to identify institutions and programs for the investment of public and private funds; Protecting an institution against harmful internal and external pressure; Creating goals for self-improvement of weaker programs and stimulating a general raising of standards among educational institutions; Involving the faculty and staff comprehensively in institutional evaluation and planning; Establishing criteria for professional certification and license and for upgrading courses offering such preparation; and Providing one of several considerations used as a basis for determining eligibility for Federal assistance.

Where is World Group of Companies located?

-      Iraq – Duhok – K.R.O Street.

Why I should choice World Students Company?

-      WSC concerns itself with providing assistance to Iraqi students in their intention to get higher education in all state universities & Private Universities around the World. WSC was established in 2005 by the name of Jody Company in 2013 Combining Jody Company with World Company by Creating WSC. Since 2005 WSC Send more than 5,000 students to study Outer the Iraq. Our staff regularly visits every year to different countries to our local agent’s offices for recruitment of Iraqi students to study abrod.



How many country send student to it?

 WSC is SOLE representative Iraq & Kurdistan. we works with almost universities of USA, UK, Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Germany, Russia , Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan, Malesia , India , Armenia, Azerbaijan.

World Group

Iraq - Duhok - KRO Street
+964 750 128 7878
+964 770 910 6222